Life can get busy, but taking care of your health needs should always be a top priority. At Patient Centered Internal Medicine, Farridah Shafiee, DO, offers caring and compassionate women’s health services to residents in Simi Valley, California, and the surrounding region. If you’re overdue for a women’s health check-up, book a visit online or by phone today.

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What is women’s health?

Women have a unique set of health needs, but many women place those needs at the bottom of their to-do list. While the demands of career, family, and community are important, nothing is more critical than looking after your own most basic health needs.

Women’s health is largely centered on reproductive health, but visits also touch on the general health risks common among women. Heart disease, stress, poor sleep quality, and bone health continue to be serious health issues for many women.

The term used to describe women’s health visits is “well-woman exam.” These appointments are a chance to connect with Dr. Shafiee to ask questions and get guidance on a range of health topics. You’ll also receive the screenings you need to stay as healthy as possible.

What happens during a well-woman exam?

The initial portion of the exam focuses on gathering routine health data. A discussion of your health history and any changes you’ve noticed is also part of the process. A professional breast exam checks for tissue changes that might indicate breast cancer, and you can also learn how to perform checks at home.

A pelvic exam follows and allows Dr. Shafiee to visually inspect your vaginal and cervical tissues for any signs of abnormality. Pap smear testing is performed during pelvic exams and involves gathering a sample of cervical cells for microscopic examination. If your recent results did not show signs of concern, you might not need a Pap smear every year.

You’ll also have a chance to speak with Dr. Shafiee about any areas of health and wellness. A professional breast exam checks for any suspicious tissue changes that might indicate breast cancer. Whether it’s a question about birth control, concern over abnormal bleeding, or guidance on fertility care, your well-woman exam is the perfect time to get more information.

How often do I need to come in for women’s health services?

Most women benefit from an annual well-woman exam. This timing ensures you get the screenings needed to detect disease in the earliest possible stages, when treatment is often most effective.

When you’re ready to book your next women’s health exam, call Patient Centered Internal Medicine to schedule a visit or book online in just a matter of moments.