Primary care is the starting point for optimal health and wellness. At Patient Centered Internal Medicine in Simi Valley, California, Farridah Shafiee, DO, offers excellent primary care that can help you maximize your health and feel your best every day. Begin by booking a visit online or by phone to meet with Dr. Shafiee and learn more about her patient-centered approach to primary care.

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What is primary care?

Primary care is an area of medical practice that focuses on addressing your basic health needs. For most people, primary care visits are the bulk of all medical appointments throughout their life.

As your primary care doctor, Dr. Shafiee guides and shapes your health care. She gets to know you as an individual and delivers the preventive health services you need to thrive. She also serves as a resource when you have questions about overall health and wellness topics.

What kinds of services are available within primary care?

Preventive medicine is a central focus within primary care. Comprehensive annual physical exams gather a wealth of information about your current state of health, and lab testing provides further insight into that data. You’ll also receive the screenings appropriate for your age, sex, and overall health.

When illness or injuries arise, acute care is available through sick visits. Having a trusted physician, like Dr. Shafiee, to turn to can make it far less stressful to get the care you need when you need it.

Chronic disease management is also a part of primary care. If you have diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), or another chronic disease, working closely with Dr. Shafiee can help you control symptoms and improve your health over time.

Specialized exams, women’s health, medical clearance exams, depression screening, and medication management are just some of the additional services available to adults 18 years of age and older through primary care.

How should I choose my primary care doctor?

Finding the right primary care doctor isn’t always a simple process. But when you know and trust your doctor, all aspects of your health and wellness are enhanced.

To begin, find a doctor who shares your approach to health and wellness. If you’re searching for a doctor who will partner with you to delve into ways you can improve your lifestyle choices or optimize athletic performance, express those desires during an initial consultation.

Finally, when it comes to finding the right primary care doctor, communication is important. Be sure to choose someone willing to listen to your concerns, answer questions, and explain options in detail. You have choices when it comes to your health services, and few choices are more impactful than who will help shape your health and wellness journey.

Submit an appointment request to sit down with Dr. Shafiee online or over the phone at your earliest convenience. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your needs and goals and learn whether her approach to primary care is a good fit.